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Pfeifle Family

Pfeifle family   

Gottlieb Pfeifle family

This is a picture of my Grandfather, Gottlieb Pfeifle (aka George Feifer), and Grandmother, Regina Pfeifle and their family. Back row from left to right are: My Uncle Edward (Eddy) and Uncle Arthur (Art). Front row: my Grandmother Regina Pfeifle (nee Hoeger), Emil my Dad, my Grandfather George, and my Aunt Mary. They moved to Portland Oregon in the 1920's.

In the 1930 census my Grandfather George owned a home 570 E. Pine St. He also owned a old church building that he turned into the East Side Rug Company at 46 E. 13th. Street.

East Side Rug Company

East Side Rug Company

My Grandfather was born in Scotland, S.D. his parents were from Friedenstal, Bassarabia, Russia and Neu Arcis, Bassarabia.

My Grandmother Regina was born in Borodino, Bassarabia and came to the United States when she was 3 months old.

As you can see my Dad was a big boy. He told me that about the time this picture was taken, talent scouts were out looking for a large boy to be in the Spanky and Our Gang TV show. They really wanted my Dad, but my Grandmother said "NO". My uncle Edward fought in WWII. The other two boys had medical problems so they could not go into the army. The Pfeifle-Feifer family stayed in Portland until around 1938-1939.

Photographs contributed by Irene Feifer-Pfeifle